An article from Just Trucks magazine

Duo Guardable is a sleeve designed to cover air and hydraulic coupling points, not only keeping these connections clean, but also making coupling and uncoupling easier and, more importantly, quicker.

“Alexander”, a long-time truck driver from Victoria, invented the Duo Guardable after experiencing the frustration of constantly having to clean the duomatic airbrake connections on his truck and trailer to ensure they sealed and worked effectively. This was not only messy, but took up valuable time that could be better spent behind the wheel and making money!

The Duo Guardable sleeve is made from a heavy duty, weatherproof coated material that’s UV resistant and designed to slip over the male end of your duomatic or similar coupling. Once in place, you hook up your duomatic as normal, then slide the Duo Guardable over the top and tighten the drawstring closure to create an effective seal against mud, dirt and debris.

It’s a fairly simple idea, really, but it works brilliantly. Alexander tested prototypes on his own truck and trailer combination for over six months and told us the difference it makes in both time (an estimated 20 minutes on average) and ease of coupling is remarkable.

In the types of quarrying, construction and earthworks applications where trucks and trailers are being turned around regularly, the time lost cleaning and maintaining these connections means lost money, so Duo Guardable is a winner in that aspect alone. Of course, the heavy equipment used in these industries gets incredibly dirty, too, so the Duo Guardable should also make a real difference to machinery operators in these areas.
Another benefit Alexander discovered in testing is that Duo Guardable also helped protect hoses against wear and splitting.
Duo Guardable coupling sleeves are Australian made and now available to purchase direct from the inventor.
Contact Duo Guardable if you’d like to know more or you can purchase your own Duo Guardable products from the website.