One of the great things about the transport industry is that you never stop learning. We learnt when we went to the USA that our truck coupling covers are a perfect answer for an otherwise costly corrosion problem. This is caused by the salt and chemicals used to quell the ice and snow.

Brisbane truck show Duoguardable

Duo Guardable at the Brisbane truck show

Not such a big problem in Australia is correct, however salt corrosion is still a big issue particularly as many transport depots are near the docks.

Lo and behold a new issue is brought to our attention by one of the truck cleaning companies. It seems they are reluctant to clean any where near couplings because of both the chemicals used, and the high pressure water applied. Great, we have the solution as PVC is both chemical resistant and acts as a barrier to protect the couplings allowing better cleaning to occur.

What this means is that even those companies who rarely uncouple their trailers, can get great benefits from Duo Guardable Covers. The smart ones look for ways to protect their assets and so do we.