MATS Success

By Michael O`Keeffe
Upon returning from his recent overseas trip to the USA, Alex Debeuz has been full of confidence that his Duo Guardable products have established their own niche in the market.

“Central and northern United States plus Canada will be great areas to market our products” he said. “ There is a range of problems we can help fix with our coupling protectors”.

The key result has been the need to protect couplings from the salt and chemicals used to clear the roads of ice and snow. Duo Guardable is the only product that is currently on the market that protects the couplings when connected as well as when separated.

The UV stabilised material used does not react to the salt and just washes off. It means that once fitted over the coupling, Duo Guardable covers offer year round protection. Another benefit which has been identified is the favourable exchange rates from AUD to USD. Northern American customers should be taking advantage while this favourable result is in place.