ice, snow & salt coupling cover

Every year it is the same problem. The couplings on the snow plow have corroded from last year`s chemicals and salt, used to curb the snow. A few hundred dollars and several hours later and they have been replaced for the new season.

What if there was a way to save that time and money, extend the life of those couplings by two, three or four times?

What if the fix only took minutes to install and had been designed to meet even the harshest conditions?

Would you spend $50, $100, or $200 to save up to $1000 over three years?

Our Duo Guardable ice and salt coupling cover is now available at your local quality parts supplier for only $39.

Look for our super special at this year’s MATS Show

This is the standard size that fits most hydraulic couplings.

Bigger problem? No worries we have bigger sizes to suit 95% of all couplings including air for brakes, even electrical.