Ice Roads Lisa Kelly & Alex Debeuz from Duo Guardable truck coupling cover companyLisa Kelly, famous for the reality TV show Ice Road Truckers, is now a fan of Duo Guardable’s unique coupling covers.

Lisa discovered the benefits and varied applications of our coupling covers when she caught up the Duo Guardable team at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

The big smile on the face of Duo Guardable director Alex Debeuz, pictured arm in arm with Lisa Kelly, shows he was pretty happy to display his unique trucking product to one of the best-known female truckers on the planet.

Duo Guardable coupling covers have a wide variety of applications in the trucking industry, from protecting couplings from mud and dirt, through to saving them from the eroding effects of salt and chemicals used to keep roads safe during winter snow.

Developed in Australia, Duo Guardable’s coupling covers are now available through the USA and Canada. If you’d like to know more about Duo Guardable’s coupling guards, please contact us and we’ll happily answer your questions.