Duo Guardable coupling covers were developed out of the sheer frustration that truck driver Alex Debeuz experienced when coupling and uncoupling the air and hydraulic points on his vehicle.

Alex’s driving took him over vast distances and like all other drivers he was constantly needing to clean the duomatic airbrake connections to ensure they were adequately sealed and working effectively. This was not only messy and difficult work, it also took up valuable time.

Alex tested a number of different prototypes on his own truck and trailer combination over six months and refined the design of the Duo Guardable product. The result is an estimated saving of approximately 20 minutes when coupling and uncoupling hydraulic points.

The Duo Guardable coupling covers are produced in various sizes to work as a train coupling cover, 4×4 accessories, trailer hitch covers and coupling covers for trucks. They can also be custom made to suit any vehicle.

With Duo Guarables you will be making a wise investment for the future efficiency and upkeep of your equipment.