Coupling Covers ideal for snow ploughs

There’s an old saying that tells us┬áthat skating on thin ice is dangerous.

Imagine how much more dangerous it is when driving a truck with ice and snow covering the road. Well, this is a common occurrence in many US states and the whole of Canada as well as parts of Europe.

The good news is that the use of salt and modern chemicals can combat this problem and improve grip on the roads. The bad news is that this combination of salt and chemicals causes fast deterioration of metal parts, in particular vehicle couplings. Further bad news is that replacing the couplings is a costly and time-consuming exercise.

A recent study conducted in Kentucky showed that the hydraulic couplings on snow ploughs had to be replaced at least annually.

Duo Guardable has now come to the rescue with its unique coupling covers. The coupling covers are not affected by the salt and chemicals and offer year-round protection to hydraulic and air couplings.

Many trucking companies, counties, councils and city services are now trialing Duo Guardable hydraulic coupling covers. Early results are very positive, with more potential uses being flagged each day.

Find out how Duo Guardable’s coupling covers can protect the couplings of snow ploughs and other vehicles and machinery, saving you time and money. don’t wait for your couplings to fail, contact Duo Guardable today.