Hi Alex,

I have found Your Cover is really good to Protect fittings & has made life much easier when coupling & uncoupling by not having air fittings Jammed up with Dust & or aggregates.

It has reduced our coupling & uncoupling risks by Drivers not getting eye injuries & frustration by not having to clean fittings every time.


Victor ChetcutiKypreos Group 2021

As a mechanic for over 30 years I have seen many instances where couplings from both air and hydraulics have been damaged as a result of road grime and weather conditions.

In almost all cases, the cost of repairs is extensive based on call out fees, labour and replacement parts. I have found that the Duo Guardable protective sleeves, where fitted, protect the couplings and the driver and the mechanic.

The amount of money saved is extensive when you consider the time that would have been lost in driver productivity and delivery times, particularly considering:

  • A minimum mechanic call out of 4 hours to the breakdown site.
  • Extended downtime for the driver
  • Loss of productivity and delivery times
  • Replacement parts and repair cost
  • Minimise your avoidable costly breakdowns

I have no hesitation in recommending the Duoguardable range to all truck and fleet owners.


ABS Auto Brake Service 2020

After years of battling the elements and abrasive effects of Quarry work on our varied machinery, it was of great satisfaction to obtain the products offered by Duoguardable.

The first thing we noticed was that the life expectancy of the Duomatic systems fitted to the Truck & trailer combinations had increased dramatically, with many seeing out four times their usual failure rate. This was directly attributed to the fitting of the Duoguardable Bags and surprising given it seemed such a simple and cost effective system.

Following this surprise, we decided to invest in trialling their range of hydraulic hose connection fitting tubes to our drill rigs & compressors (Atlas Copco, Gardner Denver & Ingersoll Rand) which produce even better life expectancy for each one fitted. Given the average price of each fitting being $500 it proved a financial bonus.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the use of Duoguardable’s range of products to those who own heavy machinery of any description where such fittings require environmental protection on an ongoing basis.


JPJ HankMaster Driller Company Pty Ltd Australia 2019

Being in the heavy vehicle maintenance industry for over 12 years, you soon figure out that the simpler it is, the more effective it is. Duo Guardable products are no exception to this rule. A brilliant product that saves time and money.

In our business we uncouple trailers regularly to complete wheel alignments and it can be a problem when hydraulic and air couplings are seized due to debris. I don’t like having to charge my customers just to try and uncouple their trailers because they are seized, just as the customer don’t like to pay me because of this. So we recommend Duo Guardable to our customers.

Duo Guardable coupling guards are a simply brilliant investment for your truck.


Westcoast Truck Alignment 2018