February 16, 2019

As a mechanic for over 30 years I have seen many instances where couplings from both air and hydraulics have been damaged as a result of road grime and weather conditions.

In almost all cases, the cost of repairs is extensive based on call out fees, labour and replacement parts. I have found that the Duo Guardable protective sleeves, where fitted, protect the couplings and the driver and the mechanic.

The amount of money saved is extensive when you consider the time that would have been lost in driver productivity and delivery times, particularly considering:

  • A minimum mechanic call out of 4 hours to the breakdown site.
  • Extended downtime for the driver
  • Loss of productivity and delivery times
  • Replacement parts and repair cost
  • Minimise your avoidable costly breakdowns

I have no hesitation in recommending the Duoguardable range to all truck and fleet owners.