Duo Guardable was created in 2010 in response to market demand for a versatile product that would protect vehicle couplings whilst in transit or stationary. The product had to be easily handled, durable for all weather conditions and cost effective.

The Duo Guardable cover is an Australian-developed and internationally patented product designed to prevent unnecessary damage to parts and reduce wasted time spent cleaning couplings and hoses. Suitable for trucks, trains and all heavy machinery with coupling points, the Duo Guardable protective cover simply slips over the male or female end of couplings and seals the connection.

Available in America, Canada and now worldwide

Now available in the United States and in Canada, Duo Guardable products protect your coupling equipment against external factors while hitched and on the road or unhitched and stationary stored outdoors. This protection reduces the amount of time spent cleaning, uncoupling and coupling connections and hoses.

The Duo Guardable coupling cover is a heavy-duty sleeve designed to cover air and hydraulic coupling points, not only keeping these connections clean, but also making coupling and uncoupling easier and quicker for machinery operators.

The coupling covers are available in different sizes for air and hydraulic systems and can also be custom made for different applications and to various sizes upon request. The coupling covers provide protection for:










The before-and-after photographs demonstrate the protection Duo Guardable coupling cover provide.

Contact our friendly team – we are only too happy to talk to you about the Duo Guardable coupling covers and how it can offer increased durability and performance of couplings as well as lowering the incidence and cost of damage and repairs.

The Duo Guardable team exhibited at the Mid-America Trucking Show – the largest annual heavy-duty trucking event in the world in March and April, 2016. Held at the Kentucky Expo Centre in Louisville, Kentucky, the show had more than 1000 exhibitors and 70,000 trucking industry professionals attending. Duo Guardable was also at Truck World in Toronto, Canada, during April 2016.