Why should I invest in Duo Guardable products for my truck?

The cost of Duo Guardable coupling covers is small when compared with the cost of repairing or replacing damaged valves, brake boosters or couplings. Add to this the cost of a mechanic and the downtime for your vehicle and you are looking at hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

How can Duo Guardable coupling covers be used?

Duo Guardable coupling covers can be used in the following situations:

  • For truck, trailers or train carriages coupled to moving vehicles in transit
  • For truck, trailers or train carriages left stationary, uncoupled and exposed to the elements
  • For duomatic, trimatic, suzi coil, gladhands and hydraulic hose connections.

 Why do couplings and connections deteriorate?

Research over the last 10 years has shown a dramatic increase in the number of couplings that are failing. This deterioration has been caused by a number of factors:

  • The majority of couplings are now made overseas and are designed to meet only the minimum standards
  • The environment is now more polluted and concentrated in road grime than ever before
  • Trailers and heavy machinery left uncoupled risk contamination from dust, sand and chemicals getting inside. When reconnected the contaminants are sent down the hoses to the brakes, causing substantial damage.

The Duo Guardable coupling cover protects connections from this damage.

Why do I need Duo Guardable? Nobody has asked for it.

What you are saying is correct, because most times if there is a problem with couplings, it is reported as a hydraulic or air problem.

In reality there are many times a day where non-protection of hydraulic or air connections is a very costly exercise. One of the reasons we are promoting DuoGuardable is to spread the word that there is a cost saving benefit to having our product fitted.

I don’t believe our drivers will put the Duo Guardable product on our trucks. Will they?

Again, this is a misconception. Most drivers will do as requested, particularly when it comes to safety and their livelihood. A good example is wearing of safety vests. Not popular when introduced but now common practice. Once basic instructions regarding DuoGuardable are explained and the benefits to both the company and the driver, then it will become part of the normal operations.

We’re wondering whether the product is too expensive. Is it worth it?

Every product is judged on its cost-versus-benefit ratio. If it was a 40-degree day how much would you expect to pay for a bottle of water at the Australian Open? The answer is $4.50 yet you can have a free drink from a tap.

Duoguardable`s range of products has been designed to meet all of Australia`s climatic and road conditions. It will work protecting the couplings both on and off the truck/trailer, 24 hours a day. It provides ongoing protection against the most expensive causes of damage, including road grime, sand, mudwasps, even salt and other chemicals. The saving of just one call-out could mean the saving of hundreds if not thousands of dollars, therefore Duo Guardable would be paying for itself 20 times over.

Is it a safety product?

Absolutely, our product provides protection for both the couplings and the drivers by offering a clean surface to couple and uncouple. It will not only prevent skinned knuckles, but also minimise the strain on joints etc. from trying to uncouple something with baked-on mud or road grime. It also prevents insects such as the mud wasp from making nests in couplings.